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Last update 10/28/2011

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

The 2011 Annual meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 PM at the Old Brick Church.

Board Members Present: Liz Swim, Mary Way, Michael Meunier, Jim Fox and Jeff Haslett

Management Present: Scott Michaud

Homeowners Present: Cecile Fontaine, Claire Beaudoin, Jim & Connie Nutter, Mike Weston, Kathryn Reed and David & Emily Moynihan, Gerald Blanchard, Katrina & Chuck Wilson, Bernice Aja, Polly Coates, Beth Volker, Sue McKenzie, Jennifer Allard, Lawson & Carolyn Henderson, Ed Seibert, Ed & Lois McGuire

1. Call to Order:

Scott Michaud of Property Management Associates called the Annual meeting to order at 6:35 PM. A quorum was present with proxies. Jeff then led the group in the Pledge of Alliance.

Jeff Haslett led the group in a moment of silence for the members that have passed over the past year. These members were Mike Coates and Elda De Lorenzo.

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Landscaping Presentation

Manny Quinn (landscaping design consultant & specialist) made a detailed presentation for a new and improved plan for landscaping improvements, starting with units #220 to #226 this week. This fall several units already done previously will also be enhanced. A copy of his presentation’s handout is attached and he used blown-up designs based on a palette of plants for those at the meeting. David, our landscaper, arranged for Manny and they will be working as a team on this project, which will take several years to complete building by building. We would also like to thank David, our landscaper, who provides all materials and plants to Eastview at cost, which amounts to a significant savings for us all. Owners showed a real interest with many questions, which provided for a very worthwhile discussion.

4. Board Reports/Year in Review Accomplishments

Mary reviewed and commented on a lengthy list of accomplishments for the last year, which is attached. Some of these accomplishments provided a good opportunity for discussion among owners such as: opposing points-of-view over the environmental concerns of the lawn treatments [options to be investigated by the Board], installing additional lighting at the end of the circle closest to 2A, the opt-in heating installation project, and the first sidewalk replacements [which led to a debated between owners as to whom should pay for the installation of stoop railings that only could be installed at ten of the 48 units]. The Board will take all owner comments about these ten railings under review and vote on this matter during the next week. It was also pointed out that the rear upper deck railings for these ten units had a safety issue that the Board will also address. And the best accomplishment of all: monthly fees will remain at $261.

Mary then expressed her thanks to Property Management Associates, the current Board and all contractors that have worked for Eastview for all of their hard work and efforts over the past year.

5. Unit Property Value Presentation

Mike presented Eastview’s first ever assessment of our property values over the past 10 years, sorted by units [since we have three different styles of condos] and by closing date [to facilitate a trend-type analysis]. Mike also presented some condominium property trends over the last two years for Chittenden County based on the number of condos sold and average sale price. Please see the attached report from Mike. All this data will also be placed on the website for viewing. This data will enable owners to track the value of their homes, as well as help to determining a sales price for those owners selling their homes. Maintaining and/or increasing property values are a key Board goal!

6. Financial Review & Future Planning

Jeff gave this year’s financial review and discussed future budgets & planning (see attached 2011 & 2012 Budgets Comparison and 20-Year Budget Summary developed and maintained by Jeff). Jeff stated that the three main goals guiding the Board have been: 1) Enhance owner property values 2) Maintain a monthly fee per unit of $261 for owners 3) Operate, maintain and improve owners’ properties at the highest possible levels.

Please take note, we have now maintained [as promised] a monthly fee of $261 per unit for the last six years in spite of inflation [which is much higher then reported]. Jeff stated that the Board will continue to work very hard to maintain the monthly fee at $261 per unit, for as long as possible into the 20-Year Budget Plan.

The first report attached compares the 2011 Budget to the Projected 2011 Year-End Actuals, as well as the 2012 Budget as approved by the Board. The 2012 Budget has a more detailed month-to-month breakout that allows both the Board and property management to manage the finances on a monthly basis. We should end up with a 2011 year-end reserve over $80,000, well above any previously anticipated amounts. And the projected year-end reserve for 2012 is targeted for over $70,000 [which will be our new and now higher reserve level, pending any disasters]. The Board attributed this to the great pricing that they have been able to achieve through our "select" vendors. The Board also was able to complete some additional projects that were not in the budget, by continually prioritizing and closely managing both projects and repairs. Please note major projects planned for the next year include: chimney repairs, additional grounds drainage, landscaping project, road replacement for a portion of the circle, and the replacement of about a third of the sidewalks.

The second report attached is the finalized long-range plan (or the 20-Year Budget Summary). These numbers are based on present-value [in other words no calculations for inflation]. This budget has two parts: re-occurring items [operating expenses] and non-reoccurring items [some operating expenses, but mostly capital expenditures]. The bottom-line is, over 20 years Eastview’s revenues would be $3,012,720 [at a monthly fee per unit of $261] and expenses are estimated to be $2,978,370 [based on a present value basis], which means we would break even at the end of 20 years [not accounting for any increases to expenses due to inflation]. Therefore, it’s possible at some point in the future that monthly fees will have to be increased, based on how bad inflation is over the coming years. We have succeeded through much hard work in keeping our monthly fee per unit at $261 for the last 6 years; if we are able to continue this outstanding track record for let’s say a total of 15 years that would be a spectacular achievement.

Please note the following major projects on the attached 20-Year Budget: chimney repairs, new gutter installations, landscaping project, pump station improvements, road replacement, roof replacement, siding replacement, sidewalk & stoop replacement.

7. Election to the Board of Directors

Scott from Property Management Associates discussed the expiring terms of all five existing Board Members. The floor was opened for nominations. All five existing Board Members were enthusiastically nominated to refill their existing seats on the Board. With no other nominations, a single ballot was cast to elect the slate as presented and the vote was unanimous. Several owners rose to share both their appreciation and thanks for the Board’s dedication and accomplishments, as well as personal sacrifices in behalf of the Eastview community. The existing terms that the Board members were re-elected to are: Jeffrey Haslett [three years], Mary Way [two years], Michael Meunier [two years], Liz Swim [one year] & Jim Fox [one year].

8. Other Business

Special Thanks

Many homeowners after adjourn approached Board members to share special thanks for all of their hard work to protect the investments of all owners.

9. Adjourn

A motion was made to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.



All planting sites consist of extremely dense clay soils. The soils are more than likely anaerobic from the compaction in the soil making nutrient uptake difficult for plants causing them to stress and decline in appearance over time.

The incorrect plant species have been chosen for the parameters of most planting beds. Soil conditions, exposure, and mature plant size have not been taken into account requiring extensive pruning, watering, and fertilizing for plants to look good. Most of which have not been done properly as well.


The proper designs should take into account soil conditions, exposure, plant texture, flower color, and size of plants when they mature. This will not only give the buildings an appealing appearance it will cut down on maintenance of plant material and beds in the future. The plants will thrive in the environment in which they are planted with minimal maintenance.

We recommend amending the existing soil with compost prior to planting. Inoculating soil with beneficial bacteria, vam fungus, and plant strengthener at time of planting. All new plantings will require proper watering until they go dormant this fall. This is a very important part of the equation and if not followed plants may not make it thru there first winter.

You have very challenge site conditions and most landscape plants will not work in this type of environment over extended periods of time. All plants chosen on our designs will grow well in dense clay soils and will thrive in these types of environment. With the help of the amendments the plants selected should do extremely well with minimal maintenance or care.

We recommend that the designer be on site to layout the new bed parameters and also for plant placement at time of planting. This will ensure that the designs work the way they where meant to and future maintenance of the beds will be minimal if non-existent.

Eastview 2011 Accomplishments

  • Garage Sales: not one but two, due to the poor economy, anyone for three or four?
  • Wildlife Refuge: "lion, tigers & bears" but at Eastview skunks, bobcats & coyotes, and most recently turkeys. The skunk has been caught and moved to his new home, the turkeys might receive an "Eastview Pardon" at Thanksgiving. The prime reason for highlighting this issue is to ensure that parents with children are aware and diligent to this danger.
  • Compliance with dryer vent & kerosene tank maintenance & inspections [per Scott all but one unit in compliance].
  • Lawn treatments [2]: improves our greens, but there are differing views, any comments on environment. [Discussion]
  • Deck Staining Project: 12 decks stained improperly have been sanded & re-stained, plus 12 others stained. Decks will be stained every three years.
  • Kick plates, both front and back, have been replaced with white composite material another item to eliminate maintenance and painting.
  • Street Lights: have been fixed by Green Mountain Power -all with new bulbs and now in working order. Requests for additional lighting, particularly at side of circle close to 2A. [Discussion -anyone who has recommendations to share, please contact Scott]
  • Sidewalks: unit #221 replaced. All sidewalks and stoops to be repaired or replaced on a priority basis over the next several years. Units #221 to #243 have requested to have railings installed this year. [Discussion]
  • Street Repairs & Crack Filling: AC Paving scheduled to repair parts of the southern side of the circle, which will be repaved next year. After repairs, remaining cracks in all roadways will be filled to help extend life of roads.
  • Power Washing: partial washing done in attempt to control insects such as spiders, all units both front and back will be washed during September, in the future will be done annually.
  • Hedge Row: center circle trimmed in attempt to level out gaps.
  • Renter Leases: all but one owner now in compliance. [Scott]
  • Exterior Front Lights: all now installed, with last four scheduled. To help light our street and walkways as people come home from work, a suggestion was made that it would be nice to have lights on in early evening [particularly during winter months]. With the energy efficient & LED lights of today, there should be little cost impact.
  • Heat Loss Project: This winter some units were noticed with extremely large icicles from roof to ground, which is indicative of heat loss. A plan is being finalized for owner opt-in to install insulation in the attics or any other areas [i.e. walls] at owner expense. [Scott]
  • Gutter Project: the end of all buildings, where underground drainage systems were previously installed, now have newly installed gutters draining into the drainage systems. This was a plan-ahead project of a couple of years ago.
  • Landscape Planning Initiative: owners in center circle met with Master Gardener, Manny Quinn [arranged by David], to discuss development of new and improved landscaping plans. Manny is here as our guest to present and discuss his proposed recommendation.
  • Chimney Project: the first phase of a three-year effort to maintain all chimneys was completed on units #221 to #243. During Irene, we still had some leaking chimneys.
  • Electrical Boxes all painted white to blend in with buildings.
  • VELCO Easement: an onsite meeting was held to discuss cutting down of trees without notice. [Jeff]
  • Unit #257 after several years of laborious hardship has been foreclosed & sOld.
  • Pump Station annual inspection done end of 2010 & scheduled for 2011.
  • Repairs: We’d like to also point out the numerous smaller repairs or maintenance items completed by PMA totaling $2,104; plus the time and energy they take to manage.
  • Benches: the Board has approved two benches for the grounds [Discussion].
  • Window/Door Approved List: the approved list of optional items has been updated and put on the website. A vendor list has also been included to help those who are looking for plumbers, electricians, etc. See website:
  • Account Receivables: Due to aggressive and diplomatic management by Scott dues owed Eastview have been reduced from $2,626 to $1,552. If 10% of units are delinquent, banks can deny mortgage financing, which means you can say bye-bye to your property values. [Jeff]
  • Fine matrix for violations approved by Board and added to Rules & Regulations. [Copy in package]
  • Annual Meeting: I’d also like to highlight the amount of planning and hard work that goes in to the annual meeting [from Scott and his staff as well as the Board], which in itself is a real accomplishment.
  • 20-Year Budget Forecast: will be presented by Jeff
  • Best Accomplishment of all, your condo fee has remained at $261 for six years. Eliminating Special Assessments and aiding your budget planning.

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