Common Elements Responsibilities Matrix

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  Homeowner Association Board Approval Needed Comments
Building Exteriors
All exterior painting   X    
Vents/bird screening maintenance   X    
Decks, balconies   X   Re-seal every 3 years, replace as necessary
Electrical boxes and protective housing   X    
Exterior light fixtures X X   Homeowner purchase/association install
Exterior shutters   X    
Gutters and downspout cleaning and maintenance   X    
Patios (garden style units with basements) X     Homeowner installed
Roof repair/replace   X    
Vinyl siding repair   X    
Garage door openers X      
Garage door replacement X      
Garage interiors X      
General Maintenance
Bulk trash disposal X     E.g. Christmas trees, appliances, furniture, large items
Rubbish/recycling removal once weekly   X   Homeowner provides containers
Snow removal decks X      
Snow removal roads, drives, walks, parking areas (3"+)   X    
Unit driveways, stoops and walkways maintenance   X    
Flower beds behind units X   X  
Landscape maintenance in common areas   X    
Homeowner installations
Awnings X   X  
Motion detector lights X   X Perimeter units only, backyards
Satellite dishes X   X  
Seasonal rooms X   X  
Skylights X   X  
Heating, plumbing, air conditioners, electrical
Chimney interior cleaning (annual if needed) X      
Chimney inspection (annual)   X    
Chimney exterior and chimney caps   X   Inspection and maintenance
Vented kerosene heater cleaning (every 2 years) X      
Furnace cleaning (annual) X      
Furnaces/stoves/inserts/vented heaters installation X   X Certificate of safety required for combustible-fuel devices
Gas inserts inspected (every 2 years) X      
Gas meters/kerosene tanks X   X  
Hot water tanks replacement (every 10 years) X      
Outside air conditioner units X   X  
Window air conditioner units X      
Unit interior plumbing and electrical X      
Dryer vent cleaning (every 2 years) X      
Master insurance   X    
Deductible for unit claim on master insurance X    
Unit insurance (personal property, liability) X   Minimum $300,000 liability insurance recommended
Windows and doors
Exterior door replacements (front, patio and garage) X   X  
Storm doors and screens X   X  
Windows, storms, screens, window grids X   X  

This responsibility chart is meant as a guide only. Each case will be reviewed as needed.

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